About Us

Eco bag Co., Ltd. started with the concept of providing ready-made textile service with the ideas and intentions of community tailors in order to make interesting, modern, and social trend products.

We keep developing people and idea in organization to have quality and being social responsibility. With a long experience of bag manufacturing, it made we understand the market demand.

Throughout over 15 years, the company accumulate every step of manufacturing and learning with the success. Now, we had the highly competitive and world standard productivity. Our pride won’t arise if we don’t get the chance from respect customers.

In addition to the maintaining quality of manufacturing, the company also focuses on applying innovation and technology to develop products and services. In order to meet the customer’s need, the reduction of environmental effect and for the sustainable future.

We are planning to be the leader of doll and pillow industry.
We intend to develop products quality and after sale service to meet customer satisfaction.
Organization Value
We will run our business to meet vision and mission as well as develop our strength. The household family can generate their income from our business. Moreover, we also build the confidence and grow their virtue and morality to our employees.